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LNER P2 including Cock o' The North, Lord President and Mons Meg

LNER P2 2001 Cock o' the North
LNER P2 No 2001 "Cock o' The North".

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LNER P2 2001 Cock o' The North
2001 "Cock o' The North"  - 1934 rotary gear (out of stock)
As built with rotary cam valve gear in 1934 at Doncaster to haul the heavy sleeper trains between Edinburgh and Aberdeen. Before entering service running in turns were run out of Kings Cross as part of a programme of testing that included trials at the Vitry test facility in France. The loco was also widely exhibited by LNER for which purpose wheels and valve gear were burnished to a high polish. It is this condition that our model is presented. Spoked wheels to tender.

2001 "Cock o' The North"  - 1938 conjugated valve gear (in stock) £2,400
Streamlined version as illustrated at the top of this page.
rebuilt in 1938 with standard conjugated valve gear and A4 style front end treatment. Wheels now with black painted rims with white lining and blackened rods. Spoked tender wheels retained.

2002 "Earl Marischal" 
rebuilt in 1936. Originally built with similar front end styling to that on 2001 but with the by now conventional conjugated valve gear which gave a softer blast. This meant that smoke clearance was always a problem. A number of modifications were tried but were unsuccessful until the A4 style nose was fitted and it is in this condition that our model is portrayed. Blackened rods. Disc wheels to tender.

LNER P2 2003 Lord President

2003 "Lord President" (in stock) £2,400
As built in 1936. The first of the class to be built with streamlined tender with consequent changes to the cab of the locomotive to suit. Blackened rods. Disc wheels to tender.

LNER P2 2004 Mons Meg

2004 "Mons Meg" (in stock) £2,400
As built in 1936. Our model is presented in 1937 condition after the streamlined fairing on the tender top was cut back to allow for increased coal capacity. Blackened rods. Disc wheels to tender.

2005 "Thane of Fife" (not currently available)

2006 "Wolf of Badenoch" (not currently available)

Detailed images below.

p2 front end detail

Front end shot
Our models have opening 'Cods mouth' and opening smokebox door to show tubeplate detail.

P2 cab detail

P2 Cab Detail

We even fit replica cab gauge detail for the prototypical finish!

P2 difference in front ends

Difference in Front Ends

Available with original "Cock o' The North" or streamlined "Mons Meg" front ends.

P2 2001 Cock o' The North streamline detail

P2 2001 Cock o' The North streamline detail

P2 tender front

P2 Tender Front detail

Our models feature crisp sharp lining accurately applied.

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