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Future Projects in O Gauge

BLUE PULLMAN - Midland Blue Pullman 6 car & 8 car Western Region sets

Numbered edition - 36 SETS PLANNED

Blue Pullman

Advance orders, limited or numbered editions and deposits are normally shunned but on this occasion for this prestige project only 36 sets (either6 or 8 car in either blue or corporate) will be produced.
Models will have traction motors, switchable from DC to DCC/Sound/Smoke.

Register to receive full specification and prices with details of financing packages if required
using this email link

Princess Coronation "DUCHESS" - Streamlined, de-streamlined, non streamlined and Ivatt versions are planned

LMS Duchess loco Coronation Class 46245 'City of London' modelled by Cliff Williams

LMS Duchess loco "Coronation Class" 46245 'City of London' modelled by Cliff Williams

To reserve your model with no deposit please contact Lawrie.

Princess Elizabeth "Lizzies" - LMS and BR versions


LMS Princess Royal Class loco No 6210 Lady Patricia - model courtesy Cliff Williams

This build covers all 12 members of the class in all the liveries including Turbomotive. Lady Patricia, the model featured above has been built, painted and lined by Cliff Williams who has agreed to assist us with his knowledge on LMS 4-6-2s, he will also assist us with the next LMS project under development – the LMS Duchess locos in streamlined, de/non streamlined, sloping smokebox conditions and including 46256/46257.

Advance order prices - on application.

Some more advance orders are required for production to commence.

LNER Gresley Coaches and Quad Art sets

LNER Quad Art set in 'O' Gauge fine-scale - first sample produced and finished by Dave Studley - please contact us to reserve your numbered edition.
Versions planned: GNR/LNER/BR Quad-art Brake/3rd and Brake/Composite sets in Teak or BR Crimson
quad arts coach

LNER Gresley Teak coach Full Brake in Gauge 1 - first sample produced
coach gresley

Coming soon in 'O' Gauge fine-scale: Teak; Crimson/Cream or Maroon options:- Gresley 6 car Mainline set;
Brake Third Open + Restaurant First + Open First + Restaurant Third + Open Third + Brake Third Open
With options to add the following optional coaches:
Option 1: 2x Open Third
Option 2: 1x Dia 113 Full Brake
Option 3: 1x Cinema car (Teak only)
Please contact us to register and for price information

GNR Stirling Single

776 Stirling Single

Two versions will be produced:
The preserved 4-2-2 locomotive running in 1938 and
GNR 776 illustrated below (circa 1895) with filled in splashers and 'correct' tender.
The models will be conventionally driven.

GNR Atlantic 4-4-2

GNR Atlantic built from our kit by Rupert Brown

GNR Atlantic 4-4-2 No 3990 built from our kit by Rupert Brown. This loco is planned as a future project.




A class of 73 express locos   which included 2 streamliners
25 football clubs most still in the top flight today including:
and a number of famous country houses including:-
A full selection in either Doncaster locomotive green (LNER) and BR Loco Green.
Model from our collection photographed by LHL scratch-built by the late Major Wally Mayhew and painted by Dave Studley


MR 1808 class

M & GN MR 1808 class

MR 1808 class in Midland Red and M&GN Light Brown plus later rebuilds with larger boilers which were generally black. Scratch-built model from our collection photographed by LHL  and painted by Dave Studley


GER / LNER / BR Classes D14, D15 and D16 CLAUD HAMILTON

GER Claud Hamilton

All periods from 1900 to 1950s in GER Ultramarine, LNER Doncaster Locomotive Green including Royal engine, and black liveries. Scratch-built model from our collection photographed by LHL and painted by Dave Studley.

Please contact Lawrie for availability and prices either by emailing lawrie@loveless.co.uk or phoning 01423 712446


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